Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sky High Sports

Now that the weather is getting cold it is good to be able to go somewhere the kids can run around and burn off some energy.  Sky High Sports, which is basically a giant warehouse full of trampolines, definitely gives your kids an outlet for all of their pent up energy.  The two local locations for this trampoline park are in Naperville and Niles.  We went to the one at 6424 Howard Street in Niles.  The facility has, I believe, four separate trampoline areas, two for kids under 7 years old and two for kids 7 years old and up.  The areas for the different ages are basically the same but the ones for the older kids are larger.  The different zones mainly consist of large trampolines for jumping, foam pits that the kids can jump into, and balls they can throw around (for the older kids I think they have organized games of dodge ball that they can play).  Also, outside of the trampoline areas, there are air hockey and pool tables.  There are a few benches located around the perimeter of the jumping zones but not a whole lot of seating for parents.  Adults can get on the trampolines with their kids but they have to pay the admission price as well. 

Located within the facility is a small eating area.  We didn't eat while we were there and the food didn't look amazing but definitely could be handy for a snack or drink break midway through jumping.  No outside food or drink is allowed inside.

The price is $11 per hour and $8 for the second hour during the week.  Kids are given a color coded wrist band so that the employees know when there time is up and when we were there they were watching very closely.  You can reserve your jumping time on the website www.jumpskyhigh.com and if you are going on the weekend, a holiday, or other busy time I would recommend doing so. 

The idea seems pretty basic, just a bunch of trampolines, but my kids really enjoyed jumping and are always asking to go back.  It's a great place to go if you are taking kids that are a wide range of ages.


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  1. Thanks for the great write up Melanie. Would you like a photo of Sky High to add to your blog post? I'm happy to provide...

    (andyc at jumpskyhigh.com)